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released March 4, 2015

Recorded & mixed by Ben Hunter



all rights reserved



South Yorkshire's premier post-angular technical grindpop trio. Pretty lively, and the kids love us.

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Track Name: Tiramisuuu
The Queen's ah-crazy,
Kingdom Come lately,
A Hunger for Meat that wont go away,

Some propositions,
A Merry Mission,
It doesn't take long 'til we're toe to toe,

Not enough X's,
Some pretty dresses,
Your Pristine Topology all drenched in Wow,

A Queen I've not seen,
More fit for This Scene,
It doesn't take long for the Flesh to flow,

A practised art for Geometry,
A few hot hues from some Bacon triptych,
Draw us into the night

And what does the Queen say?
“The flicker of firelight on your Salty Sheen,
And from the look of ya, I bet you've never been
In sucha state,
I'm sorry, apologies, when I get too keen,
I Masticate.”

You know, it ain't so bad being a Eunuch anyway...
Track Name: Brine!
Sailing Urban Gulfs long past Midnight,
So tell me who you'd like to meet?
Couple o' guys' Hi Size Zeitgeist Life,
So tell me, how you feeling today?

You're Feeling Gay

Fifteen Gin & Tonics,
You shake it like you want it,
The boys at the Office, what would they say?

Always felt the Conflict,
A yearning in your Socket,
Gonna Go Fourth and Be Amazing,

…And what a Tuesday night!
Track Name: This Tower of Gold Smoke
Suits are mumbling Sacred Nothings to the Crumbling
Infographic TV static Lack of Panic,
Belly-Swollen Beasts of Trojan locomotion,
Bullion blown in Blizzard slowing Over Your Town

This Tower of Gold Smoke,
This Tower of Gold Smoke,
This Tower of Gold Smoke,
This Tower, this Tower,

This Tower of Gold Smoke!
Track Name: Judo Pork Chop
Come feel the Electric,
Bright in Languid Bones,

How do you people enjoy spending time?
Distracted, exhausted and waiting in lines
How do you people enjoy spending time?
Just Dancing and Laughing and excreting slime,
Fall into line, fall into line, fall into fall into fall into line,
How do you people enjoy spending time?
Fantastic, emphatically excreting slime
Track Name: Boozehound
She said 'Oh Lover, why won't you Shoot me?'
He said 'My Lover I would but I'm busy,
I'm packing my bags,' he said,
'My life, it's a drag,' he said,
'The Land of Milk and Honey, here I come,'

He said:

'I'm sick of being this Boozehound,
I've got my hands on some Wings,
And I'm sick o' these Pills,' he said,
'The Fun and the Thrills,' he said,
'I need some place I can Sing.

Sing with me sometime our lives could be amazing,'
She, turned and said, 'What makes you think that I need saving?'

By the light of a Thousand Moons,
By foot and wheel and air balloon,
Through Astral Planes, Down The Tubes,
And places that I never knew of,

The Land of Milk and Honey,
The Land of Milk and Honey, here I come